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Allegheny Design Works
Allegheny Design Works - Probably the most creative Design Firm in the Mid-Atlantic region. HIGHLY recommended!

Apple Computer
Apple Computer - The premiere computer for graphics and design. Get one, you'll be glad you did.

Pixar Animation Studios
Pixar Animation Studios - Owned by Steve Jobs, the same guy that owns Apple. This site is great even if you aren't interested in computer animation.

Apple Computer
Weta Digital / Workshop - The best 3D and CGI in the world. If you loved Lord of the Rings, it's probably because of Weta.

WWW.TODDBURGE.COM Todd Burge is probably best known as a solo performer, playing his West Virginia bred Contemporarily slanted Country Folk.  His quavering baritone vocals demand your attention as it rides over aggressive and at times, furious flat-picking.  Burge's songs are filled with sardonic & twisted lyrics (Click on Lyrics) and at a solo performance, one can expect to hear Todd plunge into stories of oppression, hard times & traveling, sinning, beginning, ending, redemption,  lust & loving, grinning & gritting.

The ORBI Arts Network is a new communications tool for the arts community in the Ohio River Valley created by the Ohio River Border Initiative. ORBI is a joint project of the West Virginia Commission on the Arts and the Ohio Arts Council.



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